Afternoon Author Music Available on Bandcamp

announcements May 17, 2020

Hello all,

Just a quick announcement. We have recently finished the final master on our new album, still untitled and still without a release date (shooting for July 2020). The mastering process gave us new versions of the songs we've uploaded to all of the streaming sites. These versions have new mixes and, in some cases, new vocal takes. These are better versions of the music you're currently able to stream on all of the music sites.

We didn't want you to have to wait to hear the updated versions of songs that we've already release, so we've decided to re-release these songs on Bandcamp. You can listen there and also download full quality versions of the tracks. Please follow up on Bandcamp as we may have an exclusive there in the near-future.

Thank you! Click below to follow us:

Afternoon Author
Afternoon Author is an indie-electro group from Phoenix, AZ. The sonic equivalent of taking Radiohead, Caribou, Baths, and SOHN and tangling them all up in your junk drawer, Afternoon Author straddles some crooked line between downtempo, synth-pop, synth-wave, and indie electronic music. We have fi…