The Plan for RPM Challenge 2019​

rpmchallenge Jan 29, 2019

First off, a little bit of news. Afternoon Author is now two people. A friend from a previous project has joined me, so this is no longer a solo endeavor.

I wrote a few days ago that Afternoon Author would be participating in the 2019 RPM Challenge. This will be my fifth RPM. This year we have a couple of goals outside of the challenge:

  1. I have gotten back into my vinyl collection lately. I was reading about how bands used to have to think about the medium when sequencing their album. They could only put so many songs on each side. They put quieter songs on the end of each side, to account for inner groove distortion. They put their best songs and loudest songs towards the beginning of each side because the outer grooves gave them the best quality. I want to create an album with two distinct sides, no more than 20 minutes each, and think about these factors while songwriting.
  2. We—well, mainly me, since this was a solo project as of a few days ago—have a bunch of unfinished songs, including four nearly complete songs that I really like. The "RPM album" can't technically use those, but the album that we actually release will probably include some. May the best songs win!
  3. Will we finish the challenge as it is written? Hopefully. But, our primary goal is to have an album out this spring, so all else is secondary.

Anyways, this is a new project, so the wheels are just now turning. We have social media accounts now:

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